Making resolutions is something we do so well, isn't it?

The clock rolls past midnight, the new year rolls in, and the lists begin.

Lose weight.

Eat better.

Get organized.

Sleep more.

I'm not immune to resolution-mania. I've got my own list (ok, lists) and I'm doing my best to get organized so that maybe I can achieve some of my goals.

But I've also been doing this mommy gig long enough to know that the best laid plans of us moms often go awry, especially during the cold early months of the year when germs jump from one kid to the next and then to me. Knowing that I'm just one bad stomach flu away from losing two weeks of progress on my well-organized plans does give me pause.

I'm planning anyways, lurking germs and endless meetings and the looming shadow of spring sports season be damned.

And guess what?

It feels good to set goals. Whether or not I achieve them, it just feels good to make those lists.

It feels good to dream.

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