Words Fall Away

I had a post all lined up in my mind about the yearly toy donation at our house, the one that simply must take place before Santa arrives on the 24th.

But then I clicked through a few links in my reader and read the news about @Military_Mom's loss of her two year old son in a tragic accident.

And I sat tonight, doubly saddened by the way a few rare (and by rare, I mean thankfully rare because the world would perish if it were run by such a-holes as these) folks reached out through Twitter not to comfort her but to attack her, to question her, to throw her under the proverbial bus.

I couldn't write anymore about my trivial concerns over donating once-loved toys.

I clicked and clicked and clicked and finally found this compassionate post by Extraordinary Mommy. If you aren't up to speed on the story, read it.

And pray for Shellie Ross and her family. No one should ever have to endure losing a child only to be raked over the coals of social media as well.

If anyone knows of a fund set up to help the Ross family, please leave the link/info in the comments below; I'll be sure to post anything I find.

And hug those kids of yours today - hug 'em hard.