Ohio Moms Blog - It's Here!

I know, I know, you've been waiting with baited breath for the launch of the newest collaborative regional blog in the Silicon Valley Moms Group family.

Ok, maybe not but be a peach and indulge me for a sec, ok?

I met Vanessa Druckman, the editor of the newly launched Ohio Moms Blog, at a blogging event in September. When she asked if I'd be interested in contributing to this newest sister in the SV Moms Group of blogs, I paused for a moment.

Me {thinking to myself}: Dude, I am already SO over-committed!

My mouth {opening before the above thought had time to process}: Sure! Here's my card!

Thankfully, with the addition of coffee, all things are possible. And prayer. Or coffee and a prayer which is how I try to roll most mornings.

Ohio Moms Blog is still very new but I'm sure you'll find something or someone over there that you'll enjoy reading. Click over and see what is UP!

Thanks for reading and subscribing to Writer-Mommy!