He Knows Me So Well

I am not a woman of great wants.

Sure, I'd love to have a little farm one day complete with a huge canning kitchen, but that's pie in the sky stuff at the moment given our current real estate market. I'm content to just dream on it for now.

But when it comes to the everyday stuff, I'm more than happy to cruise eBay for cute clothes (at pennies of the original cost), use beauty items I can get for free or nearly free with my mad couponing skillz, and indulge in a $6.00 haircut up at the local vo-tech school.

I'm low maintenance by nature and now - with three kids to feed, educate, and prepare for life - by deliberation as well. If I can do without, I do.

Which is why this gift from Knute - while thrilling - wasn't that big of a surprise to me:

Knute knows me.

He knows that I'd never splurge on myself when I already had a perfectly functional phone, one that with great concentration I could use to text my girls.

He knows that any money I make from my various online endeavors I put back into the family budget mix rather than spend on something for myself.

He knows that damn, this girl LOVES her gadgets.

He bought me an iPhone for Christmas and I, dear readers?

I love that man more than ever.

Now, for all you smartypants folks who've had an iPhone for like forever, I need your advice - what apps do you recommend?

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