All I Want for Christmas

Less than two days to go until Christmas here at my house; we've made the gingerbread houses, seen the lights, and celebrated with our favorite local blogger/newly published cookbook author (who, after being featured on Good Morning America, is now officially the biggest deal of all the #bigdealmoms).

I have no Christmas dinner to cook which after all the events at my house in the last four weeks makes my weary chef's heart joyful. We are on the mooch end of this year's Christmas dinners; I made pie for Christmas Eve dinner at my super SIL's and rolls for Christmas Day at my mom's. I was thinking of making some Chocolate Covered Pretzels but who are we kidding - I'd eat all the chocolate while making them, I'm sure.

So as Christmas approaches and all the craftily hidden shipping boxes in my basement begin to laugh in gleeful unison (She'll NEVER get all this stuff wrapped before midnight!), I offer you my wish list for Christmas.

I wish more commercials were as funny as this one. (Knute laughs like a little kid when he sees it.)

I wish I could eat at just a few of the restaurants featured on this show. (None of those crazy food challenges for me, though - I think I'd explode!)

I wish I had a little farm with a big red barn like this one:

Ahh...a girl can dream.

What I really wish for is far simpler.

For Knute's job to continue on a steady course in the midst of this sinking economy. For our children to stay healthy. For the energy to make our home a true haven in this tumultuous world.

For love to light this world, His love shining through us all and not just upon us.

And I wish all of you a Merry Christmas with you and yours. Thanks for showing up here to read about what's been randomly spinning through my mind this year.

I love you all!