Brother Buddies

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again (something I am thankful for as I served as hostess with the mostest for another year) and today the buses rolled through our neighborhood, whisking the kids off to school.

But today Huck is home with me; I dropped Becky off at school and then headed over to have our doctor give Huck a quick look-see. Both the older kids were coughing all through the weekend (and a few days before) and if I learned anything from last November - when Huck ended up in the hospital with a really, really bad first ever asthma attack - I learned that a cough isn't always just a cough.

Huck is fine, thankfully (see, the reasons for thanks never end here), happily munching on lunch with his little brother Tom while I scribble this down.

And while I could make the case for taking him in for the rest of the school day, I won't.

There is just something magical about my brother-boys playing together.

I often hear how much they look alike and I suppose they do, though not so much to me. Huck is tall and built like the linebacker his father once was. Tom is tall, too, but wiry and quick.

Both are blonde and blue-eyed, hence the constant references to their resemblance, but Huck has a face full of Norman Rockwell freckles and Tom...well, he yearns for freckles. He noticed a small one on his hand a few weeks ago and was over-the-moon at his freckle-growing success.

Their personalities couldn't be more polar; Huck is laid-back, quieter, and patient. Tom...well, he's none of those. Tom is *a-hem* more like his mother than his father whose easy-going personality Huck inherited in spades.

But together, they are a perfect pair. Their personalities blend rather than clash and they find much boy-wondrous mischief to keep them occupied.

Tom will be a bit sad tomorrow when his brother buddy is off to school once more. He will pout and whine for something to do. And when it is time to climb into the van and head up the road at pickup time, he will say what he always says when it's time to get his sister and brother from school:

"Let's go pick up my friends, Mommy!"

Oh how I hope these blue-eyed cutie pies of mine keep that closeness as they grow up.

How I hope they are all friends for life.

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