Top 10 Inappropriate Halloween Moments of 2009

The sugar-high that is Halloween is done here at my house; our town's trick-or-treat ended at 7:30 pm and my three kiddos were more than happy to peek at the full moon as they headed up the stairs to bed shortly thereafter.

I have little experience with trick-or-treating; my dad's birthday falls on Halloween (happy birthday, Dad, and I hope you're feeling better soon). Except for two years that I can remember - once when I was five and then again when I was around ten - my family turned the lights out on Halloween and headed out to dinner.

Knute, who grew up on a few acres in a country neighborhood, doesn't have much experience with trick-or-treating either. As he remembers, walking a quarter of a mile to get a piece of candy from the house down the road wasn't a barrel of monkeys, especially on cold and pitch dark Ohio nights.

So neither one of us has much to fall back on in terms of trick-or-treat expertise. This is why, dear readers, I am listing my Top 10 Inappropriate Halloween Moments of 2009 for your reading pleasure.

You can holler back in a comment and let me know which one you think was the worst, or - even better - if you have an Inappropriate Halloween Moment which trumps mine, do share.

Top 10 Inappropriate Halloween Moments 2009

10. Two little girls who couldn't have been more than six wearing matching wigs and go-go girl outfits. The wigs were so long, covering their eyes, that they couldn't see as they ran full speed into my driveway where one wiped out, scraped her knee, and began wailing. Her Mom or Dad? No where to be seen.

9. The couple pushing a baby that didn't look to be even a year old in a stroller collecting candy for....the baby? No, that little one was quite happy with it's pacifier.

8. The boy dressed like a pimp. His mom must be so proud.

7. The four boys, all around nine or so, who weren't wearing ANY costumes at all. They were, however, well equipped with backpacks they wore over their chests to hold their free loot.

6. Adults in Disney character costumes better suited for toddlers.

5. Teenage boys trick-or-treating.

4. Teenage girls trick-or-treating.

3. Teenage girls dressed in slutty costumes trick-or-treating with their teenage boyfriends. Their moms must be so proud.

2. The large number of extra cars parked on our neighborhood streets - what is the etiquette on trick-or-treaters who neighborhood hop?

1. Me, wondering if I am the world's biggest prude.

So, tell me, is it me? Or do you see the same scene where you live?

And yes, my kiddos did trick-or-treat. The boys made it for a street and then wanted to come home; Becky and I walked one more street over to see some friends.

I'm all for childhood fun and I'm glad my children get to enjoy this once-a-year ritual. But the time is coming soon (2011, to be exact) when Becky won't be trick-or-treating. When she turns 10, we'll let her know she can have a big Halloween party in the garage for her friends with a late night movie or something fun, but that will be it. Ten years old is my upper limit for trick-or-treating.

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep tonight and if you're looking for an interesting post about Halloween asking for input from Christians who celebrate it and those who do not, click over and read Celebrating Halloween - Why Not? and all the comments from both sides of the fence at Conversion Diary. Good reading to nosh on with a side of candy corn.

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