A Book to Shove You Out of Your Comfort Zone

A little while back, one of my once-just-bloggy-but-now-real-life-too friends, Andrea posted about meeting some other fabulous bloggers (Angie and Jessica) at the national MOPS conference. (FYI: If you haven't stumbled across Angie's blog, take tissues when you click over and be ready to be awed by her faith and grace.)

When I saw that both Angie and Jessica had started an online book club, Bloom (read their introduction here), I knew I'd have to click over and see what they were reading. The book they're discussing right now is Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

"You'll love it," Andrea assured me after I told her I'd looked for it at my library only to find it already checked out.

And she's right - I did.

I found it checked in this Monday and raced through my first reading of it; I'm now going back through different chapters and reading them more closely.

Why do I love this book?

It's certainly not an easy book to read if you're living an comfortable and safe (and by safe, I mean planned and in-control more than actual physical safety - a zero-risk type of living) life as a Christian. The chapter about "Lukewarm Christians" hits close to home for me.

But this is exactly why I love this book - it has challenged me to look honestly at my own faith and how I'm living it. I think it's good to be shoved out of our comfort zones.

The crux of the book is in the title; living a life that's driven by a love of God looks pretty crazy in our secular, me-me-me, Super-Sized American Dream culture.

What's even crazier?

That a Holy God could be crazy in love with us.

Go see what's up at Bloom and read some of the great posts and discussions on each chapter. Thank you, Angie and Jessica, for taking the time to start something good.