A Blog Deferred

What happens to a blog deferred?

Well, it doesn't dry up and it hasn't exploded (props to Langston Hughes), but it does tick-tick-tick on waiting for me to drop in and stay for a while.

I've been blogging less and less here and the primary reason (after this) has been simply because I've found myself asking why?

Why am I blogging here?

Why share this story?

Why would anyone but me find this interesting?

And now that I've why-why-why-whined, I can of course answer all my own questions.

Because I'm driven to write.

Because I want my kids to have these stories as a legacy when I'm gone.

Who cares? Get over yourself.

And thus ends the pep talk portion of this post.


Life has been whirling here, the winds of busy-ness swirling a little faster each week it seems until it feels like the whole lot of us will be picked up like Dorothy and thrown down in a land far-far away.

Sometimes I think that's just what we need - a slapping shock, an earth-shaking change to get us to just slow.the.hell.down already.

I'm hoping I can put my foot on the brakes before God decides to do it for me.


A snapshot of an evening spent quietly at home a week ago.

Me: Reading Fearless by Max Lucado in the recliner.

Becky: Playing Webkinz online.

Huck: Reading through the kids science books I bought this summer.

Little Tom: Asleep in bed early (thus the peaceful evening).

Knute: Playing softball (pre-injury, but he's better now; thanks.)

Huck, who can read any book he picks up, a fact that is both thrilling to me as a mom/book-fiend and also mildly alarming (Was there an F-bomb on that page? I've asked myself more than once as I scramble to see what book he's grabbed), wandered over to where I sat to see what I was reading.

Leaning over my shoulder, he started to read aloud from the page, stumbling a bit over the longer three or four syllable words but still getting pretty close to pronouncing them correctly.

"What's your book about, Mom?" he asked.

"God," I told him. "And why we shouldn't be so wimpy about living life."

He looked at the front cover and his eyes grew wide.

"Max Lucado!"

"Yup," I told him. "He's written lots of books for grownups and books for kids, too. You guys have a few of his books."

Before the words were out of my mouth, he'd raced into the family room to where I'd put a small bookshelf just for some of the kids books.

"I FOUND IT!" he hollered, and ran back in holding Just In Case You Ever Wonder.

He laid down on the floor, opened the book, and read it out loud to me, cover to cover.

I put my own book down and just listened to this boy of mine, one by whom I sat worried and praying in the hospital not quite a year ago, and all I could do was smile.

God is good.

Life is good.

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