Doing What I Know

I wrote a post last week asking you if you'd hire a cleaning service if you had the financial resources to afford it.

We can't afford that sort of indulgence so the point is moot here at my household. But even if I could pay someone to mop the floors, scrub the toilets, and move the furniture to vacuum (something I myself haven't done in a looooong time), I wouldn't.

And not because I don't think my time is worth the money; oh no, my time is most definitely worth it. Or because I love cleaning; no way in hell will those words ever be uttered by my lips without a heaping dose of syrupy sarcasm.

The biggest reason why I wouldn't hire a cleaning service is because I'm a mom, and as a mom, I'm all about teaching my kids to do for themselves, to take care of themselves, and to fend for themselves.

Despite my intense dislike of cleaning (not so much the act of cleaning itself so much as the simple fact that what is "clean" does not remain so for long in a home with three kids and two dogs), I see value in it. I see value in teaching my kids how to do all those tasks - the laundry, the sweeping, the Swiffering, the bed-making - by themselves.

But when they're all grown and off at college...well, that's a completely different story.


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