Absent Here; Present There

It takes two weeks, I have just learned today, of blogging inactivity for BlogHer Ads to send you one of their gentle reminder emails to get off your tail feathers and start blogging again or else your ad code will be disabled.

I had wondered; now I know. ;-)

The past fourteen days have been a whirlwind, filled with our parish festival, my girl's birthday, two other classmate's birthday parties, the start of school, and my teeth-gritted determination to clean out closets, shelves, and cob-webby corners of my basement in an effort to be organized once and for all.

Add to that my usual uber-list of personal to do's humming at the edge of my consciousness (start planning some freelance writing queries, keep blogging deals here, book writing, and re-conquering Cardio Kick Boxing) and I've been running on caffeine fumes for days.

When I do have a moment to catch my breath, I'm usually out back watching this dude:

Little Tom has developed a passion for golf; I have to drag him away from the clubs as the sun starts to set over the trees. I should grab my video cam and get some footage of him chipping and driving, but I'm enjoying just being in the moment with him. Life happens in front of the camera, not behind it.

Of course, with a good-looking bunch like this, I couldn't resist a couple of shots from the first day of school. Watch as I keep breaking my cardinal rule of not posting direct shots of my kids...

Goofball the Elder with Goofball the Younger.

Our Mom {hearts} Uniforms!

I wish I had something profound and wise to share with you about the start of new school year or how quickly the years as a mom to small children slipped through my fingers, but alas, I am without witty prose to mark this occasion. I am simply too spent from the long summer days entertaining and refereeing three kids and too relieved to be back within the boundaries of a comfortable and comforting school year routine.

There is one thing, though, that swirled to the surface as I read the BlogHer Ads email this morning.

I'm glad I let this blog slide for the past couple of weeks. I'm glad that I spent time fully present in the brick and mortar world with my tribe as summer ticked down day-by-day.

I love social media and love blogging, but I love them more.

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