What Happens When You Sleep Like a Rock

Despite my body's best efforts to keep me from coming, I am here, HERE, in Chicago at BlogHer 09.

And I'm having a blast - ain't no party like a bloggers party, peeps.

I almost didn't make it, a fact that got tweeted around about, oh, I'd say 6:30 AM EST yesterday by all the #BigDealMoms gang who were waiting on me to show up.

I was *a-hem* a wee bit late for our crack of dawn meetup.

Despite my best efforts (um...like four different alarms and three kids who like to get up at the crack of dawn as well), this intrepid momblogger did the unthinkable on BlogHer D-Day.

I overslept.

After a quick call to Andrea @MommySnacks at 6:20 which consisted of three sentences (me: Oh crap, I'm sorry. Andrea: Where ARE you? me: I'll meet you at Erin's.), I ran through the shower, jumped into my clothes, grabbed the car keys, and raced up the road.

I drove like a bat out of hell just a smidge above the speed limit and got there in time; we headed on our way to Chicago and haven't looked back.

And today? For that BlogHer 5K this morning organized by @PhatMommy?

I requested a wake up call and told Erin, Tricia, and Briana to throw something at me if I didn't grab the phone on the first ring.

Thankfully, I have no new bruises to report and I've had a great day here at BlogHer; there's much to learn and lots of great bloggers to meet.

I'm glad I came - thanks, Knute, for pushing me off the diving board.