Treasure Trove

The space between Huck's bed and the wall has some sort of sticky-gravitational pull for all the treasures he collects during any given week.

Consider what I pulled out this morning:

--> (2) Post-It pads, one yellow, one purple

--> (1) Spiderman book (from the library)

--> (1) Blue Dinoco Lightening Lego car

--> (1) Green helicopter blade (goes on top of a matching straw to spin through the air)

--> Numerous Post-It note-based bits of art, lists, and drawings

--> (1) Uncolored Wolverine stand-up card with markers (still in plastic wrap from the $1.00 bin at Target

--> (3) Bookmarks from Half Price Books

And this was what I found at the bottom half of the bed; I can only imagine what lies waiting for discovery at the top half of the bed.

When making the bed becomes akin to an archaeological dig, it's time to do some big cleaning. Think of me today, my friends, and know that I am digging deep with the vacuum, the Swiffer, and the mop.

And, because I just love tangentially-related questions, here's one for you:

If you had the financial resources, would you hire a cleaning service? Why or why not?

I'll add my answer later...aren't you just dying to know??

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