Summer Blogging

Summer - those long, lazy days filled with nothing to do - arrives for us after July 4th weekend. The month of June is jam-packed with t-ball, softball, VBS, and Girl Scout camp; I spend just as much time racing around in my trusty van Claudine during June as I do during the regular school year.

But then the 4th comes with fireworks blasting (sometimes, too many fireworks; thanks neighbors) and the summer really begins.

The days are long and lazy and filled with trips to the library, the pool, and the park. During the hottest stretch of the afternoon, the DVD player hums with movies and the computer is monopolized by my older two as they explore Webkinz or the games at

The nights take forever to arrive, the sun flirting with the horizon until after nine o'clock. It takes some convincing on my part to get my kiddos to agree to bedtime when it still looks like playtime outside.

And blogging - for me - falls by the wayside.

I think there may be two schools of mommy blogging during the summer months: those that blog more because the kids are underfoot and those that blog less because the the kids are underfoot.

I'm definitely in the first camp - where are you?