Mere Words, Empowered: 25 Words of Social Media Wisdom

Do you read Liz Strauss at Successful-Blog? Liz is one of those people in social media who just gets it, who gets that the value of social media lies in the relationships we build.

I didn't meet Liz at BlogHer; I don't even know if were in any of the same sessions or events. I doubt I would have had it in me to walk up to her and introduce myself; I probably would have stood to one side, eyes big as saucers. Yeah, I haven't gotten over that "little blogger" complex that plagues me; do I get points for honesty?

Liz has a great writing project going on over at her blog, 25 Words of Social Media Wisdom. As a writer, I encourage you to check it out and post your own because brevity and succinctness are the makings of a meaningful message.

Without further ado, here's mine:

Our words - transformed from static text to immediate voices - build bridges between us, opening doors to new relationships, friendships, and understandings. We are forever changed.

Visit the comments at Liz's post to read more; be sure to write yours and add your link by July 31.

Oh, and by the way?

I really, truly, and 100% believe in mine; social media is a game-changer, one I think has great potential for good.

What do you think?

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