Like Goldilocks for Motherhood

I find my mothering self divided into thirds on these long summer days, each third of me trying it's best to mother each child as an individual rather than part of a herd. It's not been too successful thus far; it's hard to dole out one-on-one time when they all clamor for the spotlight.

By the time the day is mercifully done and I am finally lying in bed, I wonder back at the highs and lows of the day, especially the lows, and how I handled them.

Was I too hard?

Too soft?

Just right?

I'm never entirely sure; I don't even know if there is a Just Right in this mommying gig, especially when you're balancing the needs and wants of three different individuals across a wide age range.

I hope that my kids will come to know - when they are older and likely parents themselves - that their mom did her best every day, and that some days tired and frazzled was the best she had to give.

And I hope they will look back on their summers and remember having lots of fun together with their siblings and their mom.

Because peeps? I am churning out the fun as fast as I can while I count down the days until school starts.