24 Hours to BlogHer 09 - Has Anyone Seen My Panic Button?

In a mere 24 hours, I'll be rolling down the road to Andrea's (@MommySnacks) house (zooming past our shared landmark, BBJ) to leave for the big road trip to BlogHer '09.

I'm excited/overloaded/nervous about the trip, which is the perfect combination for good blog fodder; since stringing words into pretty paragraphs is a bit beyond my fried brain right now, I'm posting up my Top 10 list for going to BlogHer '09.

Promise to try not to fall out of your chair at my stunning post originality, ok?

10. Leaving at 6:00 am isn't a big deal for me, it's leaving and 6:00 am and looking good at 6:00 am that's gonna be a challenge.

9. I still haven't gotten my schedule down on paper yet so I'm thinking of getting @MommySnacks or @AmyinOHio one of those kid halter/leash things so they can just drag me along to wherever I'm supposed to be.

8. Signing up to run the BlogHer 5K organized by @PhatMommy seemed like a good idea at the time; now that I'm a couple of days away from the 6:30 am start time, I'm already yawning.

7. I've got "Paint Toenails" on my to do list but peeps? I am a runner and I have the battered and blistered feet to show for it; I can guarantee colorful but not beautiful, m'kay?

6. The schedule is jam-packed and makes me hyperventilate when I make direct eye contact with my planner; I'm worried about being late everywhere since I won't have my trusty van Claudine and her clock set nine minutes fast to trick me into being on time.

5. I am looking forward to seeing my friend Emily @MomminItUp's husband who's coming along for the trip since he and my hubs Knute have been best friends for the past twenty years; he'll have me laughing and he'll make Knute green with envy when he texts him from Wrigley Field.

4. I'm SO grateful that I get to room with blogging friends I actually know in real life although with four women sharing one bathroom, we're going to need schedules and a stopwatch.

3. I'm thinking that maybe it's a hidden blessing that I haven't loaded Skype on our desktop here at home yet for videochatting while I'm away; the kids are already clinging to me like sweetpea vines as I get ready to leave. Seeing Mommy on the computer but not having Mommy at home might be too much for their little emotional selves to bear.

2. I'm thinking it might be fun to stick a sign on Emily's back that reads Hug Me (see #1 here).

1. A weekend away with friends for the first time ever in my mommying gig - oh, the sweet taste of freedom on my tongue is making me giddy!

I'm looking forward to the parties, the swag, and the sessions. Most of all, I'm looking forward to the people. If you see me across one of the rooms, give a holler and we'll chat.

And if you happen to take a shot of cute shoes and my blistered and Band-Aid ridden feet are in the frame, promise me you'll delete it before it ends up in your Flickr stream.

Looking forward to meeting you!