Whistling While I Work

One of the very cool things my YMCA has is little fishbowls at all the entries. There's no fish for the kids to torment watch; instead, they're filled with little paper slips with inspirational quotes printed on them.

My boys love to reach in and grab one or two whenever we pass the desks; yesterday, Huck grabbed this one:

I'm headed to BlogHer in Chicago in about a month as as the date draws closer, I have moments when I find myself wondering if I'm too small a blogger to be there, wondering if people will just raise an eyebrow quizzically and ask, "And who did you say you were again?"

I'm sure that's just my overactive imagination getting it's panties in a twist; I'm traveling up to Chicago with some of the coolest and smartest bloggers I know in these here parts of Ohio so we'll be our own entourage of trouble cheerleaders. BlogHer will be fun just for that reason alone.

But here's the bottom line on blogging for me. I love the work that is blogging, from the writing to the finding community to the behind-the-scenes techie stuff. Give me a sylesheet of code to hack and make my own and I'm lost in the semi-colons and html tags for hours. Add a few graphics to create and I'm clicking happily away into the wee hours.

I may not have arrived as a blogger, but I'm totally cool with that. I love the uphill climb of constantly creating something out of nothing in the blogosphere. It's nice to hit the plateaus and catch your breath as you ponder how far you've come, but it's even better to set your sights on something higher, something that's worth the sweating and the striving.

Whether you blog or not, I hope you have some work that satisfies your intellect and soul in the same way. There's joy to be had in the journey, mommyfolk, often more than you'll find in the destination.

Enjoy the ride, peeps.

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