A Humorous Discovery

I've totally ditched conveniently forgotten my volunteering commitment at school this week; today is the last day of the school year and peeps, I have more than put in my time.

And I've been working frantically here at home, trying to get organized and prepared for my gig as a summertime at-home mom. While I realize the glory of summer is the lack of routine, a little routine keeps this mama sane.

One thing I decided to do was to go through our unfinished basement-playroom and get rid of the junk sort out the toys that the kids don't play with any more. And, because I am trying to preserve my sanity this summer an awesome mom, I gave up my writing desk for the kids to use as an arts and crafts table in the corner.


Although we have our desktop computer upstairs on a nice enough Target desk and I have my smoking hot red laptop that Knute bought me for my birthday last fall, I still like having a corner in the basement as my writing space. Giving up my table to the kids was kind of a big deal, but I've chalked it up as just another sacrifice in the glory that is Motherhood.

But I've improvised, see?


I'm digging the lean look of my tray table workstation; if I squint, it almost looks IKEAish.


The stack of files on the left are filled with character notes, story summaries, and pages of novels I started and haven't finished...yet. I haven't had a chance to go through them and compile a stack of stuff worth keeping but I did happen to find three columns I wrote in 2003.

Three funny columns.

I had this idea then, six years back (a year before I bought this domain), to pitch myself to the local paper as a lifestyle columnist looking at life through the mommy lens. The columns are all dated January, so I imagine they were the direct result of one of my infamous New Year's Resolutions to Take My Writing Seriously.

I never did send them off; I was pregnant with Huck when I wrote them and by the time he arrived in late May, I was busy juggling a hungry baby and a twenty-one month old Becky. Writing, as it has so often in my life, got pushed aside and packed away for mythical day in the future, When I Have Time for Myself.

It was a pleasure, finding those long ago written columns in my personal slush pile. And it made me think about how different my writing has been here in my blog, how I worry about web footprints and nasty comments and people taking things waaaay out of context.

Well, I'm putting all that aside; I'm going to publish those columns over the next three days, and then?

I might just keep my funnypants on for good.

Thanks for reading and subscribing to Writer-Mommy!

P.S. The kids broke in their new painting table yesterday -->

I think they like it.