Report Cards, Homeschool-Style

This week, both Becky and Huck brought home their interim reports from school. All's well on the academic frontlines for my kiddos; no "red flags" to worry us.

As I skimmed down the lines of S+'s and M's (during these early years, our school uses a pretty basic grading system), I found myself wondering about how the whole report card thing works when you're a homeschooling parent.

I have a few friends (mostly bloggy) who homeschool; I'm slightly in awe of all of them because I know how twitchy challenged I find myself when I try to do any sort of project* involving all three of my weefolk. Homeschooling parents are brave, brave folk.

So these questions are for you, my homeschooling readers. Answer in a comment and feel free to send any other homeschooling parents over here to chime in, too.

1. Report cards - do you do them quarterly or end of the year? Or does a reviewing educator issue grades? If you grade your kid's work, how hard is it to be unbiased?

2. How long is your school day? I know a lot of homeschooling parents load in the book/paper work in the early part of the day (when those little brains are fresh from sleep). Do you have set school hours? And do you give homework?

3. The age spread - how do you teach across a broad range of ages if you have multiple children? Or, more importantly, how do you keep your toddler or preschooler from practicing their handwriting with red lipstick on the white walls while you're focusing on the older kids?

4. Last, you can chime in on why you homeschool and what you've discovered along the way as a homeschooling parent - what's good, what's not-so-good.

Thanks for your responses - I love hearing from you.

*Three little paper mache covered balloons from Spring Break still sit waiting on my dryer for me to muster up the courage to finish them with the kids. I'd add something else funny, but peeps, it was THAT bad.

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