The Calm Before the Storm

The quick-step marching beat of May is coming to a close and I am torn between relief at surviving all the events on our calendar this month and dread at the upcoming summer months and the long, hot, sibling-squabbling days to come.

It's not *that* bad, summer break, but it is challenging and reminiscent of those days not-so-long ago when little Tom was an infant, Huck was just two, and Becky four:

All kids, all the time.

Carving out time for myself in the midst of those long days is easier in some ways; they're older now so I'm not watching all three of them like hawks every.single.minute of the day.

They can play in the backyard while I keep an eye on them from the kitchen. They can build forts in the basement while I toss another load of endless laundry in the dryer.

They can even, on rare and wonderful mornings, work together as a team to put a simple breakfast of cereal and juice on the table while their mother catches a few extra zzz's.

But while I can relax my mommy-guard a bit more now that my youngest is past the terror toddler stage, the simple realities remain the same. The sun comes up early, they wake up not long after the sun, and the day begins and doesn't end until the sun goes down in the late evening.

During the summer months, I am an on-duty mom from six-thirty in the morning until after nine o'clock at night with little or no quiet time in between.

Summer exhausts me.

And so I have given myself permission to be a World Class Slacker over the last couple of weeks; my blog posts have been scarce, my inboxes are visibly shaking with unread mail, and my paperwork pile has begun to grow once again.

What time I've had between ball games and meetings and school functions and weekend obligations, I've squandered selfishly on myself.

I've read two big, thick books; this one {good} and this one {really good}.

I've gone to bed earlier, ignoring the endless pulse of the online world.

And I've begun thinking and planning for ways to structure the summer weeks to come.

For they are coming, my friends, and coming on strong.

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