And Eat It, Too

The 66-year-old British woman who is pregnant via in-vitro fertilization is old news this week; unless you are under a rock or perhaps on a rocky island with no wifi, you likely saw the hullabaloo about this senior-citizen-mom-to-be in the press and all over social media last week.

I am bothered on so many levels that I feel a list coming on; I'll spare you the bullet points and skip right to the one that bugs me most:

Recklessly Having It All.

I can understand the desire to have a child of your own; I've birthed three. Each one is truly a miracle.

I can also understand the desire to pursue a long and successful career, one that comes with a nice paycheck and social status. I catch myself daydreaming, wondering what my life would be like if I had followed such a path.

The answer I always come up with?


What I don't understand is the sense of entitlement, the desire to have it all with no regard to the effects upon the child, that seems inherent to this woman's actions. I can only conclude that she is fulfilling her needs first while disregarding her child's needs later.

How old is too old to deliberately (and IVF is about as deliberate as it gets) to have a child?

Your thoughts?

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