Thoughts on Not Blogging

I've been quiet this week, both here at this blog and there at my other blog.

My two oldest kiddos were off from school on Spring Break and I decided to give myself a little break, too.

It's been nice to get some distance from the webbyworld, even though my inboxes are bursting at the seams. There's always some pressing task to do when you're maintaining a blog and the sense of urgency in this world of point-click-publish is overwhelming.

And while I've been offline more than online this past week, I haven't gotten caught up in my real life. My paperwork sits waiting for me in mostly tidy piles. The kids clothes are still in need of a spring cleanout. My volunteering responsibilities with Girl Scouts still need to be addressed.

What I've enjoyed most about not blogging this week:

:: Hanging out with my kids without worrying about when I'm going to find time to post.

:: Hanging out with my kids without looking at life through a bloggy lens (is there bloggable material going on here?).

:: Less hand cramping (love my laptop but the keyboard leaves a bit to be desired, ergonomically-speaking).

:: Thinking about writing again. Not blogging, but writing.

Do you ever feel like pitching your blog to the side of the road?

What do you do when you hit a slump?

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