"Felt wrong not to swing." - Merrill, in "Signs" by M. Night Shamalan

I will be the first to admit that my blog is woefully in need of updating.

Because I am the world's best procrastinator busy with raising three kids and battling the mucky mud that is the hallmark of Spring in SW Ohio, I have let the backstage work of blogging slip; my blogroll need updating, my site needs revising, and I still have more than a fair number of posts whose formatting HTML tags need cleaning up from when I moved to this template.

Despite my love of social media apps, the only one I use religiously {other than blogging} is Twitter. Using Twitter is my way of keeping my thumb on the pulse of the blogosphere; if something interesting is evolving or if there's a post out there that is drawing reactions from other blogggers - both positive and negative - somebody is bound to be tweeting about it.

Twitter led me to this post about why making money at blogging is an endeavor fraught with failure today over at Penelope Trunk's blog. I read her occasionally, usually when Jane cites one of her posts.

Honestly? I agree with her. It's a terribly rocky and uphill climb to the top of the blogging mountain. To make money at blogging not only must you be a fantastic writer, you need to have excellent website design and development skills, an audience, and hours upon hours of time to devote to your blog and to the social media milieu in general. And even if you can manage all three of those, you still might not succeed.

Or you might, for a bit, before you fizzle and burn out like a sparkler on Fourth of July.

I say all of this as a blogger who runs BlogHer ads and YouData here at W-M. I'm not making enough on those to buy myself a cup of coffee every day so why do I keep them here? The BlogHer ads I keep because I both get to be part of a wider blogging community and I get to showcase other great blogs by women who share my passion. The YouData widget is still taking up real estate in my sidebar because I love the idea that drives YouData - paying you, the viewer, to watch ads.

I also say all of this as a blogger who writes this blog as well with the hope that my efforts to save money and find deals {something I would do with or without a blog} might help others as well as earn me a few bucks along the way.

So while I agree with the gist of the post about the challenge of making a real income off your blog, I still came away bugged.


In point #2, Penelope {in talking about Dooce's success} says:

She is a marvel. And you are not. None of us is.


Those aren't exactly uplifting words; an honest look at the rarity of true talent, maybe. But they certainly aren't the sort of thing you'd whisper in your child's ear as you kiss them goodnight.

We aren't children here; as adults we have all have bills to pay and obligations to meet. Sometimes, most times, that means you work at a job that you don't always like and you swallow every bit of crap that's served up to you by your boss with a smile. Been there, done that.

But what feeds our spirits in those times, through all those dark valleys through which we trudge, heads down and hearts heavy, are the dreams we carry.

I won't accept the idea that I can't be a marvel, too. If I'm teaching Becky, Huck, and Tom to aim high, to shoot the moon, then I have to embody that belief as well.

Who knows? I may just succeed.

And if I fail, I want my kids to know that I went down swinging every.single.time.

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