In Memory of Madeline Alice Spohr

In Memory of Madeline Alice Spohr

I wrote this post earlier this morning as I sat wondering just how any mother can bear the loss of a child.

I don't know Heather personally, but I grieve for her and for her pain and for the pain so many other grieving mothers have faced head-on in their blogs as they write words no parent, no mother, should ever need to: my baby died today.

I have no words to ease their pain.

Only hope, and love.

You can read about Maddie's life and all that her short, too short, time on earth meant to her family here at Heather's blog, The Spohrs Are Multiplying (renamed Remember Maddie).

You can read about how to celebrate and honor Maddie's life by helping other babies through March of Dimes here at Amy's post, or here at Sarcastic Mom's post.

If you feel moved to donate to March of Dimes in memory of Maddie, please click on the widget below. If you'd like to donate to a fund to help defray expenses for Heather and Mike, you may do so via PayPal, email address/account:

If you want to join a team that will be walking for Maddie during the March of Dimes Walkathon on April 26, click here to see the list of teams in cities all around the country. Don't worry about not knowing anyone - your heart and soul are the only ticket you need to join up. If your city isn't represented, feel free to start a local team; be sure to email Sarcastic Mom so she can add your team to the list.

And if you cannot walk or donate, you can still spread the word. Share Maddie's life with someone - blog about this loss that has shaken the blogosphere. Tweet about it. Post about it. Email everyone in your contacts. Do something.

Then go hug tightly, so tightly, your kids. Call your Mom or Dad, your brother or sister. Find a way back into the life of that friend that meant so much to you way back when.

Mend a rift in a relationship; bridge a gap of time with a phone call.

Then tell those that you love simply this:


Thanks for reading.


**I'm posting a duplicate of this post over at my other blog to cast as wide a net as I can.**