I Dreamed A Dream {A moment of beauty}

When I was sixteen, I was fortunate enough to see Les Miserables performed onstage at (if I remember correctly; it's been nearly twenty years) The Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, MD.

The field trip was for our honors English class; I sat transfixed from the moment the first note was sung.

At the end, as the cast sang the finale, my cheeks were wet with tears.

So tonight, when I happened upon the link below to an unlikely contestant on Britain's Got Talent, I simply had to click through and watch.

{I would embed the YouTube video for you, but the code has been disabled on this version and several other versions of this video snippet.}

I Dreamed A Dream is a heart-breakingly beautiful song; this performance left me with blurry eyes and damp cheeks once again.

Go watch, please, for I hope you will come away from those three or four minutes with greater faith in the unique and beautiful gifts that God gives to all of us.

That Susan Boyle had to wait 47 years to shine her dazzling light on this world is a sad shame; that her light now shines is both a gift and lesson to us all.


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