I Cannot Fathom; I Can Only Hope

The blogosphere is the ultimate place for six degrees of separation; while I don't know many bloggers personally, I am connected to many of them by bloggers I do happen to know in real life.

When something good happens, I see joy linked and tweeted and shared.

When something bad happens, the links explode and the giving and caring nature of the blogosphere shines through the web.

I read this post by Jenny yesterday and have been praying for this family who have lost their tiny girl; will you pray with me for them, too?

If you feel moved to act further, follow the links in Jenny's post; you can donate to March of Dimes in Madeleine's name or join your local group of bloggers walking in the March of Dimes Walkathon for Madeleine.

And for all of you who have lost a child, I cannot fathom your pain. I don't even think I want to try to understand it because it seems impossible to bear.

I can only hope that your heart will grow with love again, someway, somehow.

I tweeted this earlier today, but it's worth saying again:

Life is a gift, not a given.

Oh Lord, help me live that thought every day.

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