How Much Does the Easter Bunny Bring to YOUR House?

Easter is the New Christmas, or so the mass retailers would have you think given the advertising push of bigger and bigger "treats" to fill those Easter baskets.

Which leads me to wonder this:

What do you put in your kid's Easter baskets?

Just candy? A couple of small toys from the dollar bin at Target? Or do you go all out and buy toys that are big enough to be considered presents?

I'm a candy filled egg and chocolate bunny kind of mom; if I can find a good deal on sidewalk chalk or Crayola's latest whiz-bang coloring system, I'll grab that, too.

But I'm leery of overdoing it; don't we as a culture already suffer from overdoing it when it comes to consumer goods and our kids?

Which leads me to wonder which holiday will evolve into the next big gift-giving bonanza (and by evolve, I mean strategically marketed to children and to parents as well)?

Will my future grandchildren one day expect to receive green teddy bears on St. Patrick's Day?

Or a cornucopia filled with trinkets on Thanksgiving?


I keep hoping that the silver lining of our nation's current economic fiasco will be a decline of the Consumer Culture; however, I think that it may be too ingrained to change easily. People like their stuff.

What about you? Do you think Easter baskets are way overdone these days? Are we ready to be a more frugal nation for the long haul? Or do you think that I'm off my rocker?

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