Scheduling the Scheduling

So, I'm writing this blog again in the hopes that I can not only help some folks save money during this recession as well as grow a blog that has a big enough web footprint to earn my own mompreneur self a few bucks.

I took last weekend as a mostly un-plugged weekend because I wanted time to step back and consider just how I can organize my workload and posting schedule.

Oh, and I had a hot date with the #bigdealmoms*, the coolest bunch of blogging moms in Ohio. More on that later; if you want to read about some of the FUNNIEST stuff we were talking about, go read Emily's post about the perils of wearing Spanx in a public bathroom stall; I promise, you will be laughing until you pee your pants** cry.

I'm finding it virtually impossible to organize my blogging workload (both the fun part - writing - and the necessary-but-not-always-so-fun parts - the techie behind the scenes stuff) in any way, shape, or form that is sane.

Blogging big here (because we they are kind of a big deal) is intense and demanding and time-sensitive. Blogging here at W-M about my life and my lofty novelist ambitions isn't quite so deadline-sensitive, but still becomes more difficult to balance as I watch my other blog grow and grow.

I feel like a kid on roller skates for the first time***; one leg goes this way while the other goes that way and all the while my arms are flailing up and down. I am ever so afraid that I'll never catch myself. Falling flat on my face feels inevitable.

I wish I had more wisdom of my own to share with you; I do not (although I have lots of late-night infomercials now memorized and my coffee addiction has returned in full force). But I can point you to these two posts that I read yesterday, both which made me pause and consider what I'm doing here in bloggyland (somewhat important) and what I'm doing in my life (way more important).

:: Jane @ What About Mom? posted her thoughts about blogging and writing and unplugging from the web yesterday: Only now we call it navel gazing

:: Jennifer @ Conversion Diary, shared (on the eve of being induced for #4) how her busy to-do list pre-baby nearly ended in catastrophe and her thoughts on stepping back from the busy-ness of life: Thoughts on letting yourself get overloaded

Both are excellent reads, especially if you find yourself up way, waaaay late at night in the wee hours of the morning frantically writing, linking, and organizing your sidebars.

I have yet to finish a *Master Schedule* and I honestly don't know if I will, or if I'd be even be able to follow such a grand plan. I'm flying by the seat of my pants here, peeps.

And I'm reminding myself to stop and enjoy the big picture a little bit more.

* Rockin' OHIO blogging moms that include: Emily@Mommin It Up!, Jenny@Mommin It Up!, Andrea@Mommy Snacks, Tricia@Once a Month Mom, Cortney@Once a Month Mom, Shannan@Mommy Bits, Amy@Amy in Ohio, Tara@Deal Seeking Mom, Erin@$5 Dinners, Marcy@Stretching a Buck, Carrie@Carrie's Cooking, Briana@Bargain Briana, and Carrie@Money Saving Methods. Oh, and moi!

** I couldn't resist the pun; go read Em's post!

*** FYI, I rock the rink. I can skate the pants off of anybody. Just so you know.

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