Hand in Hand

It's summer, meaning no school for Becky and Huck which therefore means - since they both attend our local Catholic school - no weekly school Mass on Wednesday mornings.

During the school year, I try to make it to those Wednesday morning Masses with little Tom in tow but we don't always last more than a few minutes. Little Tom was born with his volume knob set to "11" and it's difficult to convince him to use his quiet voice which for him comes out as a shouting stage whisper.

I did manage to make it through a few Wednesday Masses last school year and I was glad I did; Father B really knows how to talk to the kids at their level and keep them engaged, no small feat for a parish priest.

What I like best, though, about the school Mass is just before communion when the kids stand to say the Our Father. Like many Catholic churches do these days, our church encourages holding hands during the Our Father at Sunday Mass but doesn't get pushy about it. It really is an optional thing that some people participate in while others choose not to do so.

But at school Mass when the Our Father begins, the kids stand in their pews then step down toward the center aisle until the whole school is standing as one big group. Then they hold hands, the big kids with the little kids, and pray as one.

It is beautiful to see, a moment of unity in faith that is priceless to this mom's eyes.