7 Quick Takes Friday {The One-Liner Edition}

I'm still dealing with lingering laryngitis; the fact that I can't seem to curb my natural tendency toward chattiness isn't helping.

In an attempt to not run my mouth so much in real life, I'm shooting for brevity here this week on my 7QT post with one liners (a la Twitter) only.

Will it work? I doubt it; I still have three kids to keep in a straight line and two dogs to wrangle. Unless I can enroll us in some sort of Mime Training for Families program, I foresee lots of *loud* talking in my future.

Send tea, y'all. Tea and lozenges!


Spring is here; I glance out my kitchen window to see birds flittering, grass greening, and...mud flying as insane canine #3 tears around in circles.


In trying to create a master schedule, I've given myself yet another task on my never-finished to-do list; flying by the seat of my pants is looking better and better.


Little Tom is utterly amazed at my ability to predict with 100% accuracy what Shrek will say next.


There is nothing more delightful than discovering a new friend.


Becky had her First Reconciliation last night; Huck, upon seeing Father B walk out before the celebration with three other local priests that came to help, asked him, "Are they your cousins?"


I still can't believe that Becky is old enough to be preparing for her First Communion; I'm so proud of her and of how she already lives her faith every day.


Little Tom, always a chatterbox, is talking my ear off as he sits painting while I type this; I might complain a smidge about his endless motormouth, but I know it's a blessing. They all are blessings.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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