Say It Forward @ 5 Minutes for Mom


If you're a regular reader of 5 Minutes for Mom you may have already seen the very cool weekly carnival they've just begun, Say It Forward.

I love this idea, and not just because my bloggy buddy Monica picked me as her loyal commenter this week {thanks, m}, but because it helps to build us all up as bloggers by building community.

Commenting is one of those things that you're *supposed* to do if you plan on building your blog and brand online. I actually think that I'm a terrible commenter, although I'm making a concerted effort to improve in this area. I speed read through many blogs in my Google Reader and don't always click through to add my $0.02 to the discussion. So I was really touched to see that Monica paid it forward to *moi*.

By the way, Monica is my bloggy buddy who hooked me on Twitter. Her blog is a feast of good writing, deep faith, and fun-filled pictures of (and by) her kids. Go say hi, m'kay?

Do you have a loyal reader who makes your day with good comments? Link up next Friday to Say It Forward and let them know how much you love their comments.

And --- here it comes --- I love you all! {bone-crushing hug} Thanks for reading and subscribing to Writer-Mommy!