The Flu Forecast: 72 Hours to Infection, 100% Accurate

So I am sick today, fighting whatever freaky flu virus Becky had this weekend.

When she accidentally sneezed on me (there was no malice in her sneeze; she knows who packs her lunch and makes her cookies) Saturday afternoon, I knew the whirlwind of coughing, snot, fever, and general misery would hit me around Tuesday, right in time for:

*Library Duty;

*Lunch Duty;

*Huck's play date; and,

*Girl Scouts.

As always, my Mommy Radar was 100% accurate in forecasting my current state of yuckiness.

Knute, God bless him, worked from home this morning for a few hours so I wouldn't have to find out just how much fun trying to drive in a straight line can be when you're shaking like a leaf from a stubborn fever. He took Huck into school, but Becky stayed home.

She's coughing again after feeling better which means one of two things.

This current flu has a come-back-and-kick-your-ass*-again-two-days-after-you-start- feeling-better feature, or...

She's sick with an entirely new strain of the yuckies.

Either way, this weekend isn't looking too good for me!

*Yeah, I slipped and said a bad word. I try my best to keep it clean here but in real life, peeps, I can swear like a drunken sailor. My creative wordiness knows no bounds.

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