A Book that Lingers

I finished this novel (one of my Must Reads from 2008, a list that is yet unfinished) over a month ago. I've waited that long to review it here because it's not an easy book.

But, oh my, it is a fine book.

The writing is superb. The main character, a Presbyterian minister, is both sympathetic and slightly repellent. His entire life is built upon one singular hypocrisy that he willingly acknowledges and even explains with some amount of logic.

But the premise upon which he's built his life is shaken to it's foundation when he nearly dies and is saved by none other than Old Scratch himself.

No one believes his unlikely story; who would? A life spared by guardian angels or a gentle push away from the dazzling light at the end of the tunnel would be food for the news wires. His story sounds both crazy and sacrilegious.

It is the ending of this book that has haunted me, as a good ending should. I cannot stop thinking about it and wishing it had ended differently; more importantly, I find myself wondering what that unexpected ending means for us as people who believe.

You won't find redemption in the pages of The Testament of Gideon Mack, but you will discover an amazing story that will follow you, needling you with questions about faith and life.

What have you read lately that still lingers in your memory?

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