7 Quick Takes Friday (The Volunteer-Fatigue Edition)

I'm linking up to Jennifer @ Conversion Diary, home of the original 7 Quick Takes Friday. Go click through the links - you're bound to discover some great blogs.

~~ ONE ~~

I'm hitting the volunteer wall, as I do every February. Part of sending your kids to Catholic schools is the acceptance of the fact that you'll spend a great deal of time volunteering in some capacity.

I don't mind the volunteering, but it does start to wear on me by this point in the school year, especially since I'm knee-deep in Girl Scout cookie season. I'm looking forward to March and the end of the cookie sale.

~~ TWO ~~

Mardi Gras might be four days away, but I am fully embracing the Mardi Gras mentality. Since I give up all things sugar during Lent (anything and everything sweet or sugary), I am fully enjoying the Girl Scout Cookies that our family bought.

Don't ask how many I've eaten, m'kay? I'll admit to one box of Thin Mints and that is all.

~~ THREE ~~

From reading gossip headlines that Nadya Suleman (Octomom) might have been obsessed with Angelina Jolie to today's headline that she's looking at a house priced at more than $1 million, I find myself becoming more and more troubled.

My honest opinions?

::If you're an unemployed single mom, you shouldn't set out to have 14 kids - no matter HOW they're conceived.

::Leveraging your kids for personal financial gain and fame isn't right.

::Octomom won't be the last one we'll see; there's some woman or couple out there watching her story and thinking, "Dude, we could TOTALLY cash in, too!" And there's some doctor out there who checked their ethics at the door who will be more than happy to help them for the right price.

~~ FOUR ~~

I really take my good health for granted. I'm still coughing a bit, a lingering effect of last week's fever-flu that hit our family. Rather than swallowing a bit of humble pie and admitting to myself that yes, I can get sick just like anyone else, I find myself simply ticked off about being sick.

Humility is one of those life-long works in progress for me.

~~ FIVE ~~

I'm enjoying writing a second blog but I'm also remembering why I got burned out the first time I tried juggling two blogs.

To those of you out there who publish multiple blogs and handle all the behind the scenes work yourselves, my hat is off to you.

~~ SIX ~~

I'm suffering Twitter Guilt from tweeting so little over the past two weeks.

I had a friend invite me to be her friend on Facebook a while ago; I never joined (sorry, C!). It's nothing personal. I simply don't think I could keep up with another social media application.

Do you use multiple social media apps and if you do, is it as time-consuming as it looks to be? Do you wish you could drop some of them? Do tell.

~~ SEVEN ~~

I officially love Mr. Coffee.

The automatic coffeemaker I bought this spring - one with a thermal decanter and delay timer - hasn't been working well for the last few months. I called Mr. Coffee's customer service number and, after explaining the problem, was shocked when they simply said, "Ok, we'll send you a brand new one."

No argument - just incredible customer care. Can I get a WOOT! for Mr. Coffee?!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Stay healthy, eat cookies, and drink lots of coffee!

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