Wherein I Admit I Am A PBS Nerd

I sat down tonight after tucking Pinky in to bed {and thankfully dodging yet another night of Tater's newly discovered fear of the dark} and clicked on the TV.

I know; I actually sat down.

I'd meant to click over to The Weather Channel to check out the forecast for tomorrow as I prepare for our first official Girl Scout overnight; when I turned on the TV, PBS was still on from one of the kids end-of-the-night shows.

And this documentary, Awake My Soul, about Sacred Harp singing, mesmerized me.

Here's the trailer from the movie:

The music is simple yet hauntingly beautiful.

And the singers?

They are so joyful.

I found myself wishing I lived in a small southern town with a white clapboard church that shook to the shingles with this music.

And for the second time today, I had snippets of To Kill a Mockingbird running through my head; surely Sacred Harp would have been common knowledge in the world of Jem and Scout.

After the documentary was over, I scrambled through our CD collection until I found the soundtrack from O Brother, Where Art Thou? I love that old-timey music sound and just needed more.

But the O Brother soundtrack pales in comparison to this:

Do any of you out there have Sacred Harp singing in your town?

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading Writer-Mommy!