Social Media Does NOT Make You a Bad Mom

I happened across a clip from ABC News just a minute ago; it's kind of lengthy - about six minutes.

Here's the original post Erica Noonan wrote over at Bomoms where she talks about the moment where her two-year old wanted her attention while she was on Facebook. She finishes this post by asking about the effects of social media on those parenting young children.

And here's her post detailing some of the comments she got in response to her first post, including a very positive and supportive reply by Tracy Thompson, author of a book on maternal depression.

In the interview above, Noonan does a good job presenting both sides of the issue as expressed by her readers. Many talked about how important social media has become in fighting the loneliness and sense of isolation that modern moms fight while raising tiny children.

If you hadn't already guessed, I don't agree with the idea that social media is creating a new class of uber-awful mommies.

I'm also *more* than a little tired of how the mainstream media tosses around the term Bad Mother.

Can we all agree that the label Bad Mother should be reserved for those mothers who willfully endanger their children of just flat-out neglect them? Don't we moms have enough media-driven guilt trips to deal with already, including all those commercials filled with chirpy, well-dressed women who are happy - *happy* - to be scouring the icky soap scum in their shower; Madison Ave, have you any idea just how disgusting, un-joyful, and wardrobe-destroying that particular chore is?

Just for giggles, let's make some lists, shall we?

Good Moms:

~ Care for their children;

~ Support their families by working at home or in a paid position;

~ Sacrifice time, money, pride, and pretty much anything else necessary to give their children the best shot possible at the brass ring in life; yet,

~ Still find ways to be just {insert-your-first-name-here}, not just Mommy. That might mean going for long walk, or grabbing an hour away with a cappuccino and a good novel at Starbucks, or it might mean spending some time using one social media application or another; whatever floats your boat, {insert-your-first-name-here-again}.

Bad Moms:

~ Don't give a rat's patootie about their offspring;

~ Spend every dime and every minute they have on themselves;

~ Would push their kid off the merry-go-round and grab that brass ring for themselves; and

~ See themselves only as {insert-first-name-here}, not as Mommy.

Social media doesn't make good moms into bad moms; it makes good moms into better, more informed, more connected, and more confident moms.

Let's save the label Bad Mother for those who {sadly} deserve it and give ourselves a break already.

Because I know that you, fine webzy friendz, are all good moms to those demanding children of yours; social media is just the new Calgon, take me away! for us modern mommies.

Can I get a shoutout for some good moms?


Love you all - thanks for reading and subscribing to Writer-Mommy!