So, You Might Be a Mom If...

Earlier this week, Jenny over at Mommin' It Up! had me in stitches with her You Might Be a Blogger If... post.

All of it was SO true, all the way down to the lolcat jonesing for a quarter-pounder (although I gotta say I'm more fond of those hot dogs).

I had a few extra lines I was in the process of adding for Jenny in her comment section when *poof* the power went out at my house. I think they've all been covered by now; go read the post and comments right here.

Tonight, I was chatting on Twitter with @MeaganFrancis about the things we moms say, those Mom-isms that fly out of our mouths instinctively.

So, with a nod to Jenny for inspiration and to Meagan for making me laugh, I'm posting my own version of...

You Might Be a Mom If...

--->You ask, "Did you wash?" every time the toilet flushes regardless of who was actually in the bathroom.

--->You visibly twitch when you see babies chewing on real car keys or cell phones in the store.

--->You remember exactly the way each of your children smelled like when they were a newborn.

--->You think the world would be a better place if more adults were required to take time outs after being rude or mean.

--->You are the sole repository of the crucial information of clothing and shoe sizes for each of your children and can recite them all - with variances among different brands - in thirty seconds or less.

--->You say any or all of these on a typical day:

"Because I am your MOTHER!"

"Get that out of your mouth!"

"Be nice to your brother/sister!"

"Candy is NOT a snack!"

"We are running late people!"

"They are YOUR shoes - YOU find them!"


~~~~~And, lest you think I'm just a wailing banshee of a mom, these too:

"You are the best kid ever!"

"I've got a hug for you."

"You make me so proud when you're kind {funny, honest, etc}."

"I'll miss you today when you're at school."

"You make me happy."

"Thank you for helping me/your brother/your sister."

And, this one that I say every night:

"I love you more than all the stars in the sky."

What are your favorite "Mom-isms"? What do you say or do just about every day that marks you as part of the Mom Tribe?

Let's have some fun with this -- leave a comment and share 'em!

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