A New Year; An Old Blog

Remember this blog?

I've gone off my bloggy rocker and have begun publishing The New Frugal Mom once again.


{Especially when I've neglected this blog like a red-headed step-child?}

Well, it's a new year which means I'm busy getting back on track at managing our financial lives after the whirlwind of the holiday season. I hope to use TNFM as a toolkit for myself and an archive of good links and information.

And since I believe in the power of blogging to change lives {really, I do; I think social media offers limitless opportunities for anyone}, I want to share what I'm doing and learning with you and anyone else who happens to click by to visit. Sharing ideas is what it's all about, peeps.

And finally, because as Adam Sandler says in The Wedding Singer {you know, when he's sitting in the bank begging Kevin Nieland for a job}, I like money and I'd like to have more.*

One of my goals for 2009 is to earn a little of the green with my blogging and online efforts. While I think that this blog, Writer-Mommy is terribly clever and would love to chat with any literary agents who happen to click on through, it is, in the end, my wee little personal blog. The last thing I want to do is to bombard you kind souls who come by to read my ruminations, mini-rants, and funny stories with endless ads.

Writing TNFM once again - with a plan in place this time - will give me a different outlet for a different type of writing and also offer an appropriate platform to monetize.

I'm hopeful that I can balance writing two blogs; planning is key. To that end, I need to better plan what I write here and finish cleaning up behind the scenes.

Wish me luck, and thanks for reading!

*That movie rocks, and not just for the over-the-top eighties clothes and music. The good guy gets the girl and the rapping granny is a hoot!