He Speaks My Language

I talk about faith here a little bit at a time; it's not that mine isn't deep (it is) or part of my daily life (it is), it's that I'm simply human.

Meaning I'm soooo not perfect.

My big clay feet try to stay on the right path, but I've had my missteps, my stumbles, and my all-out wrong ways.

So talking about my faith isn't something that comes easily to me; I'm just me, trying hard to do what's put before me each day, especially on days when my almost three year old hard-charges every boundary and toddler-tests just how strong my Mama Spine is.

{Mighty. It is mighty, weeman. Go scream up another tree.}

I do pray each day; we're a grace-saying family and we pray nightly with the kids. And I have little devotional books (mostly Max Lucado and Our Daily Bread stashed on the window sill above the kitchen sink so I can grab a bit of verse in between dashing hither and yon.

But when I feel overwhelmed with the chaos and the impossibility of the moment, quiet and thoughtful prayer does not come easily with me.

Instead, I groan and kvetch and throw my hands up, uttering a plea for help that usually begins with, "You GOTTA be kidding me!"

So why should I be surprised when I feel Him hollering back at me?

There's no burning bushes outside my front door (please; it's -1 outside as I type this post); what I'm talking about is the deliberate way God puts people in my life to catch my full attention. People just like you and me who, through their example or words, make me stop moving forward at the speed of light and sit still and think about how deep my faith really is and if I'm really heeding what He calls me to do.

Peeps, there are *no* coincidences in life; every moment has purpose and meaning and intent.

I've got no pithy or easy end to this post; it's late and bitterly cold here in Ohio and I'm tired from a long week.

What I do have is this: the certainty that God exists and that He's blessed me more than I deserve.

And, the utter certainty that He's shouting at me with love.

Love you all! Thanks for reading!