Find Brands and Biz on Twitter

Do you love Twitter as much as I do?

I stumbled into Twitter via @MonicaBrand sometime last spring or summer. I quickly became a tweetfiend; eavesdropping on conversations is an impolite but hard-wired habit that those of us who write tend to do every day without even realizing it. Twitter feeds that writing beast.

But Twitter is MORE than just conversation; I've learned more about blogging and networking since I've been on twitter (follow me right here). I've watched as a a major ad campaign got taken out at the knees by offended moms who didn't hesitate to tweet their opinions to the world. I even landed a freelance writing job by connecting with an editor on Twitter.

Twitter, my peeps, rocks.

It is hands down my fave social application outside of blogging. I love the forced brevity (how pithy can you be in 140 characters or less!) and the ease of keeping up with my friends (real life and bloggy) through tweets.

Now, as I build up my other blog, I want to use Twitter to build relationships with companies that might be interested in offering product giveaways or advertising on my new site.

Sounds like it's time to get a'Googling!

Don't worry; I did the hard {*exaggerated yawn*--I only typed in (1) keyword search} work for you.

Fluent Simplicity has a HUGE list of brands and biz on Twitter.

You can find it here: Twitter Brand Index

And you can also find it here: Social Brand Index

Who do YOU want to follow on Twitter and why?

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