Feedburner Is Raining on My Parade

If you're like me, slightly obsessed studiously concerned about the stats that your blog generates, you probably check up on your Feedburner status once or twice a day week.

Feedburner is now owned by Google (isn't just about everything online owned or in negotiations to be owned by Google?) so I did what the little prompt boxes at Feedburner told me to do and moved my feeds over to my Google account.

Now I'm just waiting for the stats to catch up as my new feed grabs my old feed.

And I'm trying really hard not to obsess over the numbers.

It's funny; I started off blogging for the sheer joy of writing and as a means of capturing my life as Mommy in words before the moments of sheer joy and utter frustration evaporated in the whirlwind that is life with kids.

But my goals for blogging have evolved; while this blog is still the place where I feel free to run my mouth about whatever is going on in my life (and mommyfolk - can I tell you how glad I'll be when my boys grow out of the SpongeBob stage?), I've got another blog I started, then deleted, and now have started again because I'd like to grow a blog that might actually earn a few bucks.

And I'm thinking even bigger, too -- we writerfolk tend to suffer from those delusions of grandeur -- about what blogging could and should be for us Web 2.0 moms.

But first, I just want Feedburner to find all of you fine readers and bring you back into my RSS fold. So could I ask you a favor? If you've noticed that my feed has dropped out of your reader during the last week, could you update your subscription by clicking below?

Thanks so much - can I tell you how much I love you for helping me during my hour of neediness?

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Have a great weekend (hopefully one not filled with hours of SpongeBob)!

Thanks for reading and subscribing to Writer-Mommy!