Blogging Myself Silly....Just Not Here

I've been working my little finger off as I rebuild my new blog, which is actually my old blog.

The New Frugal Mom is my webjoint dedicated to saving money, couponing, and earning money online {which is one of my personal goals for this year}.

I actually started the first version of this blog in March of 2007. It grew fast; my stats and RSS subscription numbers went through the roof within a month.

I had no real plan, however, to how I would organize my blogging time, from what posts I intended to offer weekly to what affiliates I wanted to try. I became overwhelmed, put the blog on hold, then {quite stupidly or blondely -- whichever adverb you want to use}, I deleted the whole shebang-bang.

I was partially worried about possible plagiarists {gasp -- people stealing each other's work online}*. While I could have just pulled the blog back and marked it "Private" and taken it out of circulation, I was worried, too, that the lure of writing a successful blog would grab me and I'd open it back up and end up right back where I didn't want to be: overworked, underslept, and stressed about negative comments.**

So I dumped it into the circular file.

I kept the domain name active and just let myself focus on blogging here for fun and for posterity's sake {kids, that's your mom's way of saying I'm doing this ALL FOR YOU}.

But, as I said above, one of my goals in 2009 is to leverage what I've learned about social media to earn some dollars online. I have no intention of filling this blog with ads, affiliates, or referrals; whatever I may add to my sidebars here I'll do because I think it offers value to YOU, my readers. And I'll tell you why I added it and what it means for you.

Writing a blog that offers useful information for free is a great way to create a platform that's appropriate for ads and affiliate programs. And it just so happens that I know a lot about couponing and finding ways to save money.

The best part of writing The New Frugal Mom? Connecting to people that are just learning about how much they can save with those silly little coupons in the Sunday paper (and printables, and e-coupons, and drugstore loyalty reward programs). In these times of economic hardship, people need real help with lowering their everyday expenses; blogging about deals, q's and frugal living is one way to reach out and make a difference.

I hope you'll click over and give me a visit; I've been working hard on adding good content, so the sidebars are still a bit bare. I'll tweak those soon, I promise.

Come see me at TNFM and let me know whatcha think!

Love you all - thanks for reading me here at Writer-Mommy.

*Dudes et al, this totally happens, more often than you think. First, there's the "scrapers" the bottom-feeders who build blogs where the content is just regurgitated (and not-credited or linked) posts by other bloggers that the scraper simply grabs by feed. Been there, done that, left the "Cease and Desist/Copyright Infringment" comment at the scraper's blog.

And, I know a blogger who had whole post and images lifted from her blog, with the names and places changed slightly, then republished as original work by another blogger. We have a name for those kind of folks but as this is a mostly family-friendly blog, I won't mention it other than to say it rhymes with glass bowl.

**Can I tell you something? All of you are the nicest darn people, IMHO, because you've never flamed on me in my comment section here. Of course, this is just a little ol' mommy blog - why attack me, right? But write a blog that has anything to do with money in any fashion and the mean lurky turkeys come out in force.

What they fail to realize, {they being Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Anonymous} is that I am a mom of three kids; I field back-talk, slappy hands, kicky toddler legs, and tween attitude DAILY. In PUBLIC. I've been brought low by my own progeny so many times that I could write a book about it {and probably should}.

Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous Meanie Pants, may I introduce you to the DEL button?