The Best Mom's Night Out Ever

Blogging is one of those things I don't talk about much in my day-to-day life; it's not that I'm trying to hide it, it's just that it's hard to explain the why part of blogging to someone who doesn't have their own url.

So I, like many of you blogging maniacs out there, chit-chat about the realities of blogging with other bloggers by email and Twitter. Most of the people I connect with I've never met face-to-face. This too can seem really odd to those on the outside of the blogosphere; I mean, I consider you all my friends, but explaining that I've:

~ Never met my blogging friends; and

~ Don't know what their voices sound like; and

~ Might not recognize them if they've changed their hair since their last profile headshot -

Well, it sounds a little weird, doesn't it?

But that's the reality for us bloggers; so many of the people with whom we build relationships may be folks we never get to meet in real life.

Of course, if my tightwad self would pony up the cashoola, I could zip down to Nashville in three weeks and meet all the great bloggers who will be hanging at BlissDom '09. I'm hoping Alli will plan another Blissdom for this fall (*pleading*) so I can give my other blog a little time to earn me the funding for a roadtrip.

Since I won't be making it to Blissdom, I decided to just take a chance and set up a night for a bunch of local blogging moms to go out to dinner together. I was worried when I hit "SEND" on that evite that no one would come (except Em and Andrea, but I already know them in real life), or worse, that no one would come and they'd all send me emails saying, "Who the heck are you, anyways?"

But that didn't happen.

What did happen was this:

Who's who, left to right, starting with the top row:

Carrie from Carrie's Cooking

Andrea from Mommy Snacks

Erin from 5 Dollar Dinners

Carrie from Money Saving Methods

Emily from Mommin It Up!


There's me on the very end, author of this blog and The New Frugal Mom

And can I tell ya - what a night we had. We pretty much closed the restaurant (one I almost got lost trying to find; yet another blonde moment to add to my personal history) down. Our server took that shot, God bless her, after we sat and sat at her table all night.

All of us talked like old friends and in a way we kind of already are. We share such a passion for blogging and for what blogging can do to make this world a better place. Yeah, that sounds like a Hallmark card to me, too, but I really believe it all the way down to my pink sparkly toes.

To all that came: I can't thank you enough. And I can't wait until our next meetup.

Just promise not to brag too much about how great Blissdom was, m'kay?