And Thus, The Royal Monkeys Get New Names

When I started this blog back in November of 2007, I gave my kiddos nicknames because I wanted to do my best to protect their identities from random Google searches. I'm comfortable with using my real name because I'm not blogging anything here (or here at my frugal living blog) that I wouldn't chat about with you in person.

And peeps? Using your real name is a trust issue. I trust you not to flame out on me in the comments or send hate mail to me at my home address. You guys are way too nice for that kind of hullabaloo.

But my kids are different; I'm a mama bear that would do anything to protect them. I've *pretty much* kept to my self imposed rule of not posting pictures of them where you can see their faces. I've broken it a handful of times but I couldn't help myself; they can be darn cute when they're not squabbling.

When I started this blog, my three were 6, 4, and 18 months. They aren't quite so young anymore; my youngest turns three this Friday. Time has a way of marching onward whether we're ready for it or not (although I am *entirely* ready for my little guy to be past the boundary-testing stage of toddlerhood).

In honor of his birthday, I'm giving them all new bloggy pseudonyms. And because I'm a literary (or like to think that I am; boy, have I fallen off on my reading lately) kind of mama, I'm taking a cue from my friend Monica's blog and giving them names with a literary reference.

The children formerly known as

Princess Pinky,

Prince Tatertot, and

Sir Screamsalot,

Will from here on out be known as -


Huck, and


Whoever guesses the reference first gets bragging rights!

Do you use pseudonyms for your kids or family members on your blog? Why or why not? And are "cutesy" nicknames for kids a pet peeve of yours? (Go see the comments on this post at Blog Coach for what prompted me to finally make this change.)

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