6 Things

My dear bloggy friend Monica tagged me for this quick meme.

And by quick, I mean one or two word answers only. The prankster in me reallly wants to throw something ridiculous in there for a couple of the answers (like sporks* or electrofreezes**, but I promise no tricks or goofiness; this blog is far too high-brow and serious for such shenanigans.


6 Things I Value

1. Family

2. God

3. Honesty

4. Freedom

5. Kindness

6. Words

6 Things I Support

1. Life

2. Church

3. Our Military

4. Catholic Education

5. Girl Scouts

6. Food Pantry

6 Things I Do Not Support

1. Hate

2. Bailouts

3. Self-Victimization

4. Yo Gabba Gabba

5. Censorship***

6. Speedos

6 People I Tag

Emily @Mommin' It Up!

Carrie @Carrie's Cooking

Jane @ What About Mom?

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary

Erin @ $5 Dinners

Christi @ Snickerdoodles Photography: The Blog

Of course, if anyone else wants to grab this meme and run with it on their blog, be my guest! I love all of you equally, you know!

*Aren't you just dying to know if I'm for or against them?

**This explanation demands a separate post; for now, I'll leave you with this: a bar, a waitress (moi), and a margarita.

***Except in the case of #4 above.

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