Super Savings Saturday: I Almost Held a Shopping Intervention

I'm linking up to Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday -- go over and read about the amazing deals found by smart shoppers from the blogosphere this week!


The best deals to be found this week in my neck of the woods were at Walgreens once again; with their sweet mid-week offer of $5 Register Reward back on any $25 purchase, I made out ok. Not rock-bottom, change-from-my-pocket fantastic, but a decent deal on stocking stuffers for Christmas and good stockpile items for my pantry.

The group of goodies on the right was $30.32 before sale prices, in-ad coupons, and manufacturer coupons. After all my coupons (including a $5 RR from earlier this week) my total was $15.26.

I earned back only $5 RR for the (3) Colgate toothbrushes since I forgot that the in-ad coupons would lower my total to below $25.00 meaning I wasn't eligible for the $5 RR on any $25 purchase.

I still went ahead and made my second transaction (the goodies on the right), totaling $37.46 before sale prices and coupons. After my coupons and the $5.00 RR from above, my final total was only $10.86. I also earned another $5 RR to use and will earn a $5.00 rebate on the (4) bags of Hershey's chocolates (really, $5.50 when I have it charged to my gift card and earn the bonus 10%).

My net out-of-pocket: $26.12

My total savings: $41.66, or 61%

My earnings to use again at Walgreens in the future: $5.00 RR and $5.50 by rebate, or $10.50 total.


While I was standing back in line to pay for my second transaction, a nice lady in front of me began unloading her cart. At first, I took her for a fellow frugalista; she had a bunch of the B1G1Free items as well as some Coke 12 pks (buy 3/$10, earn back $2 RRs).

Then, after her cart was emptied and rung up, I heard her total: over one hundred and fifty dollars.

You heard me - $150 smackers.

I looked down at my bunch of goodies and realized that while I wasn't fully on my usual coupon game, I was still doing pretty good at stretching my buckaroos.

And I found myself wanting to gently tap this nice lady, who looked to be a mom near my age, and say, "Hey, you don't have to pay that much. Really - there's a better way!"

I often forget that most people out there have no clue how couponing works or why it can be worth your while to spend a little time each week checking out the deals online. I also forget that even now, most people are just hearing about that new-fangled thing on the web called blogging. We all have a tendency to see things from our own unique perspective, right?

I think there still exists a couponing stigma, too. You know the one - the crazy lady with a bunch of coupons, getting twenty cans of cat food for pennies or fifty packs of hot dogs for a dollar. I've even seen coupon binders online that are disguised to look like pretty planners so no one will suspect you're a secret couponer.

Oh, the shame! {Puh-leeze!}

Here's the thing: couponing and deal-seeking, if you stick to it, ends up being tailored to you and your families needs and wants. It takes time and some trial and error, but it's well worth it.

If you're new to the idea of couponing and deal-seeking, spend some time looking through the links on Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday. You might find someone in your neck of the woods is rocking the deals at your fave stores.

I know you can do it, too!