On the Last Day of 2008, I Break the Rules

It's the end of 2008 which means in bloggyland, fine writers everywhere are highlighting their best posts of the year and looking back with introspection and humor at the big events of this year.

I, however, am doing none of those things.

I'd highlight my best posts, but I'm still trying to find time in the process of fixing all the formatting errors that happened when I changed templates.

And while I do love me some FoxNEWS, my TV is more often tuned into the Holy Trinity of kids networks: Noggin, Nick Jr, and PBS. Thank God I can read up on world events online; maybe in 2009 I'll remember to subscribe to some news feeds.

So, in the interest of highlighting some good stuff and just being rebellious, I put together a few photos that just thrill me. I'm breaking my personal rule today of not posting pictures of my kids because:

1)They really are adorable when they're not playing Sibling Death Match; and,

2)This blog is for them as much as for me - kiddos, your mom loves you. She gripes, yes, and often throws her hands up to heaven at the sheer mess and stress of life, but damn, she LOVES you; and,

3)So many of you out there have become my dear bloggy friends and I want to give you a peek at my life since the chances of my writing that breakout novel and making a huge book tour to include all the cities where my bloggy friends reside seem remote at best. Not impossible, mind you, just daunting.

Alrighty - let's get it on!

My first check from BlogHerAds for doing something I love. Small; yes. Satisfying; you bet! Can I get a WOOT!

A gift, totally out of the blue, from my next-door-neighbor, Christi. That's five pounds of good coffee beans.

Christi - THANK YOU! And everyone? Go visit her site; she's an amazing photographer who makes beautiful memories happen for families.

Good things happen on Twitter and this simple mug is proof.

I was chatting on Twitter before Christmas and crossed paths with @Moomettesgram, talking about - of all things - the weather. Turns out she's in Connecticut, where both my parents are from.

The mug?

Well, I mentioned my parents met while working at the Hartford Courant and she said she just happened to have a vintage mug in stock and wanted it to have a good home.

So she sent it to me for free to give to my parents.

Thanks, Moomettesgram, for proving social media is filled with really good people, not just profit-starved harpies.

Yes, I am that cool mom who lets her kids completely destroy the house on a summer day as they build their own fort in the living room.

Me and Sir Screamsy this summer. He might be a chatterbox with attitude but I just adore him.

As Knute reminds me {often}, he's just like his mama.


The first day of school for Princess Pinky (2nd grade) and Prince Tatertot (kindergarten). I love that my kids love school!

That's me opening up my birthday gift from Knute et al - a Vaio.

Knute, you sure do believe in your wife's way with words. I promise to work hard in 2009 to write that big book so you can leave CorporateLand already.

Knute and Screamsy at our school's Halloween Parade. What a great day it was and even better since Knute was able to be there.

At Camp Kern's Country Christmas.

Oh boy - look at Pinky's face. I see begging and pleading for horseback riding lessons in 2009.

Tater liked riding the horses, too.

I made sure to put big boy on the sturdier horse!

Our yearly architectural devotion to sugar with my helpers standing by.

I pay them in Smarties so they're happy to help.

Pinky, Tater, and Screamsy.

Or, Why I Do All That I Do.

I love you kiddos - more than I can express here in words. I hope you remember the good stuff, not the moments of temporary Mom-Insanity.

To all my WONDERFUL readers - Happy New Year! Thanks for reading Writer-Mommy and for all your great comments this year.

Y'all make blogging FUN!