No Lump of Coal for Me

As you might remember {or may not; I mean, December is nearly over and I know I'm finally catching my breath - I imagine you feel the same way too}, I participated in a very cool mommy blogger Stocking Swap hosted by The Well-Rounded Woman.

I had fun shopping for my blogging mom {Jamie - hi!} but I had even more fun poking through the treasures in my stocking on Christmas morning, all thanks to Kara.

Here; take a looksee at what Kara so thoughtfully gave me:

Since I took this picture in between the quick frenzy of opening gifts and getting ready for Mass on Christmas morning {meaning it's not my best photographic work}, I should tell you that the dark green object at the bottom left corner is a pair of snuggly mittens.

After clicking around my blog, Kara emailed me earlier in December to introduce herself and to ask me some general questions about what I liked. And you know what? She really did an outstanding job of putting together a special bunch of gifts for me; I can't thank her enough.

Oh, and I should mention that Tater, the boy who I dare not take to Staples for fear I'd never be able to drag him away from the Post-It aisle, has happily absconded with my newest pack of index cards.

He did, however, leave me the three pads of sticky notes.

I'd tell you it was an act of thoughtfulness and sharing, but that wouldn't quite be the whole truth.

The three pads of sticky notes are still mine only because one of his darling Grandmas gave him a happily wrapped cube of fluorescent Post-Its on Christmas Eve.

Tater, we know you so well.


Kara, thank you again for the lovely surprises - and they truly were a surprise. Knute was the one who tucked them into my stocking Christmas Eve.

And to Tara, thank you for hosting such a fun bloggy event.

I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!