The Mother Letter Project, or, Probably the Best Christmas Gift Ever

As usual, I'm late to the party on this amazing project {a project which proves, once again, that social media isn't just for fun; it holds the power to change lives}.

Have you heard of this yet?

Take one husband. Add an unsuspecting blog-hopping wife {she doesn't know - how COOL is that?}. Throw in a good dash of sick-of-the-over-commercialized-version-of-Christmas that we've all been sold year after year by the Big Box stores and Madison Avenue.

{I posted this video a while ago; he's a fellow conspirator, too.}

Then finish it off with a desire to do more for those in need and create a gift for his wife that would matter.

And the Mother Letter Project was born.

So far, there's something like 400 letters already emailed to this righteous husband-daddy-Christ-loving dude. Letters written only to Dear Mother, letters written from the heart from moms like you and me who decided to give a gift of words to this dear mommy-friend out there in the blogosphere.

There's still time to get your Mother Letter emailed; I'll be zipping mine off later today. All contributors will receive an electronic copy of all the letters submitted after Christmas day.

Go over. Join in. Write your Mother Letter and give a gift that matters.

Presence, peeps

Presence - not presents.

Love you all!